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McK Storage
McK Storage

Why Choose McK Storage?

Because we have the latest in 24-hour high-tech security, because all of our units are climate-controlled to protect your personal items from extreme hot and cold temperatures, and because we are centrally-located in Springfield, MO, conveniently and easily accessible from downtown businesses, apartments and lofts, Missouri State University, Drury University, Evangel University and OTC. And if that's not enough, here are some specific uses for our storage units:

Business Storage:

Self-storage rates average about 60% less than the cost of most commercial office and retail space, which means we can help your business, large or small, save money! Our storage is ideal for storing business records, medical files, tools and equipment, supplies and materials, extra retail inventory and much more. Our property is designed with the your business needs in mind -- secure, climate-controlled business storage whether you're in transition, de-cluttering, or just trying to avoid the high cost of renting commercial space.

Student Summer Storage:

When summer vacation arrives, the last thing you want to do is drag your entire dorm room contents all the way home (especially if you have to fly home and ship your belongings), then try to squeeze all of it into your parents' house. Storing your things locally is cheaper and easier, particularly if you book storage early, split a larger storage unit with a friend, and pack your belongings to make the most effective use of your space. When it comes to deciding how much space you need in a storage unit, remember that your "stuff" typically accumulates throughout college. A 5x5 space that was enough for your freshman year desk, chair, and a dozen boxes may not be enough as you upgrade to a suite in your sophomore year, when you will probably need a 5x10 space to add your mattress and box springs. A junior year studio apartment may require a 8x10 space, while your senior year apartment contents might fill a 7x15 unit with bedroom and living room sets, a kitchen table, and many more boxes.

Commercial Storage:

Great uses for commercial storage customers include storage for the following items:

  • Archived Files and Documents
  • Business Records
  • Excess Inventory
  • Home Staging Inventory for Realtors and Staging Companies
  • Large Display Units
  • Marketing Brochures and Materials
  • Seasonal Items
  • Tools and Equipment
  • Trade Show Displays and Signage

More examples of industries that can make excellent use of climate-controlled storage space:

  • Apartment Management -- A storage unit is the perfect place to store lawn equipment or maintenance items for your apartment complex.
  • Contractors -- Store paperwork, records, invoices, materials, tools, and even equipment.
  • Pharmaceutical/Sales -- Store your business products and samples in a climate controlled storage unit, complete with multiple layers of professional security features, instead of in your trunk.
  • Realtors -- Use as temporary storage while staging a home that is on the market.
  • Restaurants/Clubs -- Store extra tables, linens, non-perishable food items and more.
  • Retail -- Make storing and organizing inventory a breeze with a spacious storage unit.
  • Theater/Arts/Schools -- Use a storage unit to store props, sports equipment, & off-season items.

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